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   Dr S.M.Hadole
  KKW College of

About Principal : Dr. S.M.Hadole is the I/c Principal of K.K.Wagh College of Agriculture.He did his UG & PG from MAU,Parbhani and Ph.D. in Extension Education from Dr. BSKKV,Dapoli.he is having eight years of experience in teaching and extension.

About B.Sc (Agriculture) Degree Programme:

The College offers a four year undergraduate degree course. The course includes theory and practicals of various subjects in Agriculture. The important feature of course contents is that it includes different subjects in Agriculture. The course curriculum has 160 credits distributed in eight semesters. The departments included in this degree programmes are Agronomy, Horticulture, Agricultural Botany, Animal Science and Dairy Science, Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Entomology, Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Engineering. A separate one semester is allotted for RAWE (Rural Agricultural Work Experience) and one for experiential learning. The student’s academic activities involve delivering seminars, submission of RAWE reports, participating various sports in intercollegiate as well as inter-university, NSS and cultural activities, etc. The college provides facility of conducting experiential learning courses for ‘Nursery Management’, ‘Mass Production of Bio-agents and Bio-pesticides’ and ‘Soil and Water Clinic’ which will be helpful to the students to develop their enterprise in future.

Uptill now result of last years students is 100 per cent. Every year most of students of this college get admission for post graduate studies in India and foreign countries.

Prospectus of B.Sc. (Agriculture)

India being predominantly an agricultural country, the scope and utility for Agril. Technology is tremendously increasing. The degree has wide career and employment opportunities. It aims to produce expertise and skilled manpower in agricultural industries, NGOs, Govt. departments, Universities, Research Organizations, Banks are some of the existing career prospectus at National and International level. The challenges of food production, processing, rural employment and Hi-tech agricultural operations are released by agriculture.

Salient features of the College

  1. Highly experienced, qualified and motivated staff
  2. Latest Equipments
  3. State of the art labs
  4. Emphasis on practical work
  5. No place for indiscipline
  6. Advisory System for each student
  7. Peaceful atmosphere for study
  8. Fully residential
  9. Lush green campus

Laboratories :

1.Agronomy 6.Plant Pathology
2.Horticulture 7.Agril. Extension
3.Agril Botany 8.Animal Science and Dairy Science
4.Soil Science & Agriculture Chemistry 9.Computer and Statistics
5.Agril. Entomology  

Semester-wise Subjects Offered:
Semester 1 Semester 5
AGRO-111 Principles of Agronomy AGRO-359 Weed Management
AGRO-112 Agricultural Meteorology BOT-356 Principles of Plant Biotechnology
AGRO-113 Introductory Agriculture  (Ancient heritage, agricultural scenario and gender equity in Agriculture) SSAC-354 Biochemistry
 BOT-111 Principles of Genetics PATH-354 Diseases of Horticultural Crops & their Management
SSAC-111 Introduction to Soil Science ENTO-353 Crops Pests and Stored Grain Pest & their Management
PATH-111 Introductory Plant Pathology ECON-354 Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Prices
HORT-111 Production Technology of Fruit Crops EXTN-353  Extension Methodologies for Transfer of Agril.Technology
EXTN-111 Fundamentals of Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology ASDS-353 Sheep and Goat Production
 ASDS-111 Livestock Production and Management ENGG-353  Farm Power and Machinery
LANG-111 Comprehension & Communication Skills in English(NC)    
MATH-111 Mathematics (Deficiency Course)    
 PHY-EDN-111 Physical Education (NC)           
Semester 2 Semester 6
AGRO-124 Water Management Including Micro Irrigation AGRO-3610 Farming Systems and Sustainable Agriculture
SSAC-122 Soil Chemistry, Soil Fertility & Nutrient Management AGRO-3611 Organic and Rainfed farming
MIBO-121 Agricultural Microbiology BOT-367 Principles of Seed Technology
BOT-122 Environmental Science HORT-364  Post-harvest Management & Value Addition of Fruits & Vegetables
ECON-121 Principles of Agricultural Economics  ECON-365 Agri-Business Management
EXTN-122  Dimensions of Agricultural Extension EXTN-364 Enterpreneurship Development & Communication Skills
ENGG-121 Fundamentals of Soil & Water Conservation Engineering ENGG-364 Protected Cultivation and Post-harvest Technology
 STAT-121  Statistics ASDS-364 Technology of Milk and Milk Products
NSS/NCC-121 National Service Scheme/National Cadet Crops   (NC)  ENTO-364  Introductory Nematology
Semester 3 Semester 7
AGRO-235 Field Crops-I (Kharif Crops)   Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE)
AGRO-236 Practical Crop Production-I (Kharif Crops)   Crop Production
BOT-233 Principles of Plant Breeding   Crop Production
BOT-234 Crop Physiology   Rural Economics
PATH-232  Principles of Plant Pathology   Extension Programme
ENTO-231 Insect Morphology and Systematics   Research Station/KVK/DAATT center activities & Attachment to the Agro-based industries
HORT-232  Production Technology of Vegetables and Flowers    
ENGG-232  Introduction to Computer and Applications    
ECON-232 Production Economics and Farm Management    
Semester 4 Semester 8
AGRO-247 Field Crops-(II) (Rabi crops)   Courses for Experiential learning
AGRO-248 Practical Crop Production-(II) (Rabi crops)    
BOT-245 Breeding of Field and Horticultural Crops    
 SSAC-243 Manures, Fertilizers and Agrochemicals    
PATH-243 Diseases of Field Crops and their Management    
 ENTO-242  Insect Ecology,Intergrated Pest Management and Beneficial Insects    
HORT-243 Production Technology of Spices Aromatics, Medicinal and Plantation Crops    
ECON-243  Agricultural Finance and Co-operation    
 ASDS-242 Livestock Breeding and Nutrition     
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